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You woke up from your light slumber shaking. You'd had that same nightmare again. This time it was different however; now you could remember it clearly. It was simple, but it was your worst fear; being taken away from your family. What made your seemingly meaningless nightmare worse, was knowing that it may come true.

"Daddy?" You asked and began to lightly shake Romano.

"Mmph... What is it?" He groaned, refusing to get up and still half asleep.

"Promise that everything's gonna be okay...?"

Romano shot his eyes open and looked into your worried <e/c> ones through the darkness. You'd caught him off guard, especially by asking that in the middle of the night. Being the caring parent that he was -not that he'd ever admit it to anyone- his immediate reaction was to comfort you, and he reached out and took you into his arms.

"Si, didn't I already say that? I won't-a let anyone hurt you, as long as I'm still standing." He murmured to you gently.

Your once tense muscles began to go limp, and your heartbeat slowed down to it's normal rate upon hearing the soothing voice of your father. Sleep began to take over you once again and you unconsciously snuggled closer to Romano, who did the same.

"I love you, daddy..." You muttered before finally entering your dream world once again.

"Ti amo troppo, bella..."


"¡Dios mío! You two look so adorable!" Spain cooed at the outfits he'd requested that you and Sealand put on. The two of your were currently wearing green camouflage pants and shirts, with matching cameo helmets, brown boots, and to top it of he'd drawn black lines under your eyes. Basically, he'd made the both of you look like stereotypical soldiers. Which was actually what made it cute, when you think about it... Spain's fun -and your embarrassment- were short lived when Romano walked into the room.

"Che cazzo, Spagna!?" [What the f*ck, Spain!?] Your papa yelled, startling both you and Sealand, "Their's no way that they're coming! They'll just get in the way!"

'By which he means, 'we'll only get hurt.'' You told yourself, knowing exactly what Romano meant. Well, maybe he actually meant it for Sealand, considering he doesn't seem to like him all that much.

"Don't worry, Romano!" Spain answered back, his voice drenched with his Spanish accent, "They won't do any fighting! They just need to watch so they no what to do if they ever go into war!"

"No, I'm actually going to fight!" The micro-nation proudly exclaimed.

'He thinks that if he helps win this war, he'll be recognized as a nation.' Yep. You knew exactly how everyone's train of thought worked.

"No freaking way, Spain! And, kid, what's-a your population? Like, seven!? How the hell do you-a think that that will help!?"

"That's seven more soldiers than before!"

Romano facepalmed, "Look, kid, no offense but your not a real nation. Why don't you-a just go home already?"

Sealand's smile turned into a frown, "Because ______ is my friend!"

That simple sentence was enough to shut up Romano


You and Sealand were helping Germany set up a tent, while Spain was trying to comfort the two shaking Italians. In all honesty, you knew that your papa, uncle Veneziano, and Sealand weren't going to be to much help, so you were mostly relying on Spain and German. You'd do your best to fight as well, but being as small as you were, you weren't too confident. However, you did have bravery on your side, something that the Italians lacked. How you got it while living with those two was a mystery.

"All done!" You announced once you'd successfully nailed a stake into the ground.

"Good, now you two stay here vhile I scout out zhe area." He told you firmly.

"Wait, what!?" Both you and Sealand objected.

"You heard me. You two shouldn't even be here, it's too dangerous." And with that he walked away.

"No fair!" Sealand whined after the German was out of hearing range.

"I know! I wanna help!" You pouted.

"Well, if they're not going to let us help them, then we'll do it ourselves!"

"Ye- wait, what? But we don't know how to fight!"

"Who said we needed to fight? We can be spies! It's just like playing a game!"

You pondered his suggestion for a moment to sort out the pros and the cons. One one hand, your father would be extremely mad if he found out you left, but on the other, you would be helping out your family and allies.

"What if we get caught?" You finally asked.

"Don't be silly! Spies don't get caught!" Sealand beamed at you.

Well, he had you there. Honestly, what the worst thing that could happen? Not to mention your good at running away, what with being raised by Italy and all.

"Alright, but if we get in trouble I blame you!" You threatened, making the Sealander [A/N Would that be correct? Or would he still be called a Brit? Because I have no idea...] smile mischievously.

"Deal! All right, let's go!" He grabbed your hand and dragged you through the thick brush of the forest.


"Are we lost?" You asked after walking around for quite sometime.

"No, we just don't know where we're going." Sealand refused to look you in the eyes.

"Then, you know how to get back?"

"I think so. I've been breaking twigs off of trees every minute or two." He paused to break off another branch.

"Well, shouldn't we be looking for England's camp?"

"That's what we're doing!"

"Then how do we find it?"

"Y-you ask to many questions!"


"Come on mi amigos, it's not that bad!" Spain cooed to the whimpering Italians.

"Are you fucking kidding me!? England's gonna kick our sorry asses!" Romano yelled, tears still streaming down his face.

"Si, but that's why me and Germany are here."

"Like you bastards will be much help!"

"Ouch, you're so cold Romano..."

"I'm back." A German accented voice announced from behind.

"Hola Germany! How'd the scouting go?" Spain turned around to greet his friend.

"Gut, but... Vhere are zhe kinder?"

"Que!?" He ran around the small area that served as their base camp in search for you and Sealand.

"Dios Mio, where did they go!?"

Romano, now fueled by anger instead of fear, started choking the Spaniard, "You fucking lost _____!? You idiota, I'm gonna kill you!"

"Ah! R-Romano calm down!" Veneziano wrapped his arms around his brother's waist and tried to pull him off of Spain.


"Hey, Sealand, look!" You whispered to your friend and pointed through the bushes.

"Hm?" He crouched down next to you to see what you were looking at. Sure enough, the two of you had wandered into England's camp.

"Now what?" You asked.

"Um..." He had to admit, he didn't think this through all the way.

"Damn it..." Both you and Sealand turned your attention towards the blonde Brit, coming out of his tent, "Now I lost Sealand too... I hope he's alright..."

"Sir?" England spun around to face one of his soldiers.

"Oh! Y-yes?"

"We have reason to believe that Sealand is also with Italy."

"Is that so... You're dismissed."

"Yes sir!"

England watched him go and started mumbling to himself, "What did that git get himself into now...? I swear, that kid is nothing but a trouble maker. He better be safe..."

"I think he misses you..." You whispered to your friend, who nodded sadly in response.

"Damn it Sealand, you're so stupid!"

"No, you!" You put your hand over Sealand's mouth to quiet him, but it was too late. England had already caught sight of the two of you.

"Sealand!? _____!?"

"Uh, heheh, hi..." You both greeted awkwardly, now stepping out of the bushes.

"What the hell are you two doing here!?"

"Playing ninja?" Was Sealand's answer.

"I thought it was spies?" You corrected.

"Oh, yeah..."

"You realize you'll both be coming with me now, right?" The Englishman glared down at you two.

You both quickly exchanged glances and nodded to each other. You kicked England in the shin, making him fall down, while you ran away laughing hysterically.

"Bye, _____! I'll see you around!" Sealand waved goodbye to you and decided he was going to stay with England.

"Bye!" You waved back and darted through the forest.
The whole point of this chapter was to kick England in the shin. You wish I was kidding. :3

You (c) :iconromanoumadplz:
Your Vital Regions (c) :iconprussiaumadplz:
Hetalia/preview pic (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Here's the folder for easy navigation~ :iconmagictomatospainplz: ---> [link]
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