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August 13, 2012
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"Verdammt, Italy! Calm down! Ve'll get her back!"

"Itary, prease! We just need a rittle more time to make a pran!"

"No! You're taking too long! Who knows what they're-a doing to mia bella _____!" [my beautiful ______]

Italy had had enough. He was going to rescue you right now, now matter what it took. Unfortunately, without any plan or preparation, he was as good as dead. Japan and Germany were holding him back from running off, trying to calm him down, but nothing worked. He was panicking over losing you and, surprisingly, they had trouble restraining him.

"Damn it, let go of me you bastards!" Italy yelled. Both Germany and Japan were stunned by his language for a moment; it's normal for Romano to yell something like that, but Italy was a different story.

Taking advantage of their temporary weakness, Italy managed to free himself from their grasps and ran towards the unforgiving jungle with Japan and Germany frantically calling him to come back. He didn't listen to them, of course. He just kept running. Twigs and leaves brushed against his skin and uniform as he ran past the green scenery, minor cuts and tears in his clothing, but he paid them no mind. The only thing going through his mind as he ran was your smiling face, and how he longed to see it again.


Arguing. All that ever seems to get done around here is arguing. You'd hardly known them for a day, and you already knew to just ignore them when the yelling starts. This time was different however; they were fighting over you.

"You wankers don't know anything about taking care of a child! That's why I should be her new caretaker!"

"No fair, man, I think it should be me! I'd totally make an awesome big brother, and she could be my awesome sidekick!"

"How many times do I have to tell you, aru!? I raised most of Asia, so I would be the better choice!"

"No! Let me keep her! She'd make a beautiful French territory!"

"I think she should become one with Mother Russia, da?"

It just went on and on like that for a while. They were fighting over who got to keep you, and you were disgusted. You were raised as an Italian nation; you didn't belong to any of them! You were tempted to run away, but you didn't know your way back to the beach so there was no doubt in your mind that you'd get lost. You were pretty smart for your age! But, there's one more reason you didn't run; your father always told you that if you're lost or in trouble to stay where you are, because he'll come and find you no matter what. That thought alone was enough to put a small smile on your face. You allowed yourself to relax and lay down on the soft, green grass beneath you.

'Daddy's coming for me…' was the last thing running through your mind as you fell asleep.


"This is getting nowhere, aru!" China yelled to get the rest of the nations' attention, "Why don't we just let her decide?"

"Not a bad idea, old chap." England agreed.

"I dunno, I don't think she really wants to go with any of us. Doesn't she want her dad or something?" America made a valid point; you really hated all of them for taking you away.

"Well zhere must be one of us who she likes better zhan ze rest!" France wanted you desperately.

"Da!" Despite the smile on Russia's face, the menacing aura he gave of was noticeable.

They turned to you to have your answer on this matter, only to find that you'd fallen asleep. Your chest rose and fell with every breath you took and your hair fluttered slightly with the small breeze. Just one look at your peaceful face was enough of a reason for them not to wake you.

"Blood hell, how did she fall asleep with all the yelling?" England thought aloud, "I guess we'll have to wait until she wakes up then."

"But, I want her now!" France ruined the serenity by whining like a child.

"Shut up, you bloody frog!" With that, the arguing between the two archenemies began again.

China looked at your sweet face and almost squealed from your cuteness. Careful not to wake you, he pick you up in his arms and turned to the other nations.

"I'm going to put her in my tent to sleep, aru. We'll continue this discussion in a moment!" He sent a glare towards them before carrying your limp body into the confines of his makeshift home and laying you down.


'Damn it! Where-a the hell are they!?' The angered Italian demanded in his mind, only to get no response. He knew Japan and Germany were probably chasing him, but he paid it no mind. He can easily outrun them; he's Italian after all. Frustration was taking over him as he ran through the endless green without a trace of you. He was about to call out, until he heard shouts. He couldn't make out what they were saying, but he recognized the voices as those of the Allies. And where the Allies were, so were you.


Without a second thought, he ran towards the direction the yelling was coming from, only to find the Allies' base camp. The five nations were all standing around arguing. It took a minutes to realize what the argument was about, but when he finally did, he was beyond furious.

"Noooo!" France whined, "She's going to be a French territory and zhat's final!"

"How many times do I have to tell you 'no' you git!" England yelled at the Frenchman as he continued to strangle him.

"No way man, she should totally stay with the hero!" America interrupted, followed by his "hero laugh".

"You all make terrible guardians, aru! And she clearly likes me best!" China made a good point as well, but you only liked him best because he made good food. And even then, you didn't actually like him all that much.

"I still think she should become one with Russia!" The eerie smile on his seemingly innocent face never left.

They were deciding you should own you! They couldn't do that! You were his daughter, and nothing would ever change that. He absentmindedly reached for his gun, until a strong hand grabbed his wrist. Italy spun around in shock, thinking he'd gotten caught, but sighed in relief as he realized it was only Germany. He and Japan had finally caught up with him.

"Vhat do you zhink you're doing, you dummkopf!?" He whispered furiously at the Italian.

"What does it look-a like I'm doing!? I'm getting ______ back!" He snapped back, just as angered.

The two nations glared at each other for a moment before Japan interjected, "Itary-san, Germany-san, prease! We're here now, and _______-chan need our herp! We stirl need a pran though-"

"I already have a plan." Italy cut him off. He stood up from his hiding place in the bushes, took aim, and shot. The bullet had just grazed by France's head, barely missing him.

"Hey, idiotas!" He yelled tauntingly, "Give back mia bambina!"

All of the nations -Axis included- gawked at the usually cowardly Italian. This was that last thing anyone would ever expect from him. It took everyone a second to absorb what has just happened before everyone jumped into action. Weapons were drawn and pointed towards each other.

"Zhis vas your plan, you dummkopf!? You're going to get up killed!" Germany scolded, while pointing his gun towards the American.

"I agree, with Germany-san!" The usually emotionless nation had a quiver of panic in his voice.

"What you don't-a trust me?" A playful smirk found it's way to the Italian's lips.


"Too bad!" And with that, shots began to ring through the air.


You awoke when a loud "BANG!" rang in your ears. Startled, you sat upright only to find you weren't where you were when you had originally dozed off.

'Mr. China must've brought me back to his tent…' You decided.

You were snapped out of your thoughts by someone yelling. But it wasn't just any someone, you'd recognize those voices anywhere; they belonged to the Axis.

'Daddy!' You rejoiced, 'Daddy's okay! I knew he'd come to save me!'

You poked your head out of the tent, only to see bullets flying everywhere. Each side had taken cover in a patch of bushes or behind a rock for cover and where now shooting at each other furiously. Looking over to the Axis' side, you noticed something important; your papa wasn't with Germany and Japan.

'Daddy?' You looked around the rest of the battlefield in hopes of finding sight of him. When you couldn't you became slightly worried. What if something bad happened?


Now taking cover from the bullets behind a rock, both Germany and Japan glared at Italy.

"Now vhat!? How is zhis getting _____ back!? Don't you ever zhink zhings zhrough!?" Italy was more than likely going to get punished for this somehow.

"Don't worry, and just-a hold them off!" Italy began crawling away, trying to sneak into the camp.

"Itary, where are you going!?" Japan squeaked.

"To get-a ______ of course!" He gave a playful wink, and then set off.


Scared of all the noise and bullets, you ducked back into your only safe house in hopes to not get involved. So you sat there in a corner, waiting for all the firing to stop, only to look up when you thought you heard your name being called. Dismissing it as your imagination, you put your head in your knees trying to block out the noise.

"_______?" You looked up again, you were sure you heard it.

"Daddy?" You called back.

A few seconds later, an auburn-haired man with a strange curl sticking out of his head appeared in the doorway; your daddy.

"Daddy!" You exclaimed, running into your papa's outstretched arms. He held you close and began crying into your hair.

"______, bella, I was-a so worried!"

"I missed you, papa!" You squeezed him tighter.

Trying to get a hold of himself, he stood up with you in his arms and weaved in and out of the maze of tents until he made it back to where the Axis were. Giving a motion of his head, the other two nations saw that you were safe, and retreated back to the confines of the jungle.


"Huh? They stopped shooting…" England stated, lowering his gun.

"Ahaha! They must've known they couldn't take us on and retreated!" America fist pumped the air.

"They must of wanted ______ ba-" China stopped mid-sentence, realizing what had just happened and rushed back to his tent, with the rest of the Allies in pursuit. When they arrived, they found that China's suspicions were confirmed.

"They took her back, aru…" He sighed.
Well Italy's finally snapped and/or gone all mafia on us! :dummy: But he'll be better now that you're back!
Probably will only be another chapter or two~ ^3^
Aren't you guys proud? This was over 5 pages, and it's up, like, 4 days earlier than usual! Did I do good? ;w;

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