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July 23, 2012
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The next morning was interesting to say the least. You woke up to Romano screaming at his younger brother about something in Italian. You could pick up a few words here and there, but it was mostly swears you'd learned from your uncle.

"Idiota! I-a told you not to sleep in my bed anymore! You have-a your own goddamn room!" The elder twin shouted and started head butting his brother.

"I'm sorry! I just came to see if you were asleep and I saw you cuddling _____, and it was so cute so I wanted to sleep with-a you guys too!" Veneziano flailed his arms, as if it would make Romano stop.

Apparently it did! Both of the Italian brothers froze, and let out a few grunts. You stood up on the bed to get a better view of what was going on, only to see that they'd gotten their curls tangled together.

"Y-you damn bastardo, now look at-a what you did!"

"Ve!? What did I do!?"

"Do you need help?" You asked. To be honest, you've always wanted to touch their curls, but they'd both strictly forbid and said they'd "tell you why when you're older."

"N-no bella, but can you call Germany and tell him it's an emergency?" Italy smiled at you, but it was different than usual. It was almost forced.

"Damn it I don't want that potato bastard to touch my cu- Chigi!" The sudden jerk in movement stopped Romano in mid sentence as he let out a strange noise.

''Chigi?' What's that mean?'

"Damn it, just-a go get somebody!" Romano instinctively yelled at you making you whimper slightly, and run out of the room.

"Ve… Roma, you scared her…"

"I told you not to-a fucking call me that!" And the strangling continued…


You sat on the couch, phone in hand, and crying slightly. 'I hope uncle Roma isn't mad at me…' A tear fell from your eye as you thought about what you could have done wrong. 'Maybe if I get help he won't be mad at me anymore.'

You dialed Germany's number, and after one or two rings he answered, almost as if he was expecting the phone to ring.

"Hallo?" A deep voiced German answered.

"Mr. Germany?" You tried to erase any trace of crying from your voice.

"_____? Vhat do you need? Are you crying?"

"Daddy told me to call you and say it was an emergency…"

The German sighed, "I'll be right over," and without another question hung up.


Ten minutes later the door swung open to reveal a very irritated Germany. Lucky for you, you'd ceased crying, although your cheeks still flushed a light pink. Germany turned his attention to the couch where you sat.

"Vhat's wrong?"

"I'm not sure. Uncle Romano woke up screaming at daddy, and then started head butting him and then they got their curls stuck together, and then daddy told me to call you, and then Uncle Roma yelled at me and I started crying…" You innocently looked up at the large German with your (e/c) eyes shining. He made eye contact with you and remained quiet for a moment, pondering something.

He sighed, "Alright, vhere are zhey?"

"In Uncle Roma's room. Do you need me to show you?"

"Nein." He just walked towards the direction of Romano's room, navigating the house as he'd done on several other occurrences, with you trailing behind him.


"G-get it out!"

"I'm-a trying! Fucking hold still!"

You and Germany stood in front of the large wooden door to your Uncle's room, listening to the cries from the other side. The tall blonde before you had a noticeable blush on his face.

"Are you okay?" You asked.

"Ja, I'm fine. Let's just get zis over vith." Germany grabbed the door's brass handle and swung it open to reveal two bickering brothers tied together by their curls. The slam of the door shutting behind the two of you was enough to catch the two Italian's attention.

"Ciao, Germany! Did _____ call you?"

"Oh, great, the Potato Bastard is here to save-a the day."

"Ja, vhatever." He walked towards the two brothers and began to carefully untangle the curls that bound them together, making them let out a few muffles grunts. By the time he'd successfully freed the two, all of them had blushed faces, leaving you to wonder why. Veneziano was the first to recover his senses and glomped Germany to the group.

"Thanks Germany! You-a saved us again! Why don't we call up Japan and-a we can all play together today!"

"Cosa!?" Romano glared at his brother, holding obvious anger towards him. "Bastardo, io non sto passando la giornata con lui e io non lo voglio in giro mia nipote!" [Bastard, I'm not spending the day with him and I don't want him around my niece!]

"Ma, fratello, la Germania è anche suo zio! Sarà divertente!" The younger of the brother replied, standing up and getting off of Germany. [But, brother, Germany is her uncle too! It'll be fun!]

"Idiota!" Romano grabbed Veneziano by the neck and continued to choke him like he'd been doing minutes before. You walked next to your uncle and tugged on his pant leg, gaining his attention.

"Uncle Romano, are you mad at me?"

Romano, being caught off guard, released his grip on his brother's neck and locked his amber eyes with your pleading <e/c> ones. As much as he hated it, he couldn't say 'no' to you, especially when you looked at him like that. He knelt down to your height and rested his hand on your head. "Alright, bella, I'll put up with mio fratello idiota and the potato bastard for you. But only this once, okay!?"

Ignoring the harshness of his last statement, your eyes lit up at his agreement, and you hugged his neck.

"Grazie, Zio Romano!"


By the end of the day, you'd fallen asleep in your Papa's arms. Italy walked in the door holding you close with Germany following behind him. Romano had to go to Spain's house for something -you didn't know what exactly- so it was just the three of you.

Italy carried you up the stairs to his room and tucked you into bed, murmuring sweet things in your ear and kissing you on the forehead as he did so. Once he was sure you were settled for the night, he returned to the living room were Germany was waiting for him.

"You're gonna sleep over tonight right-a, Germany? I wish we could sleep together, but-a _____ likes me to sleep with her, so you'll-a have to sleep in Romano's bed!"

"Sure, but zhere's som- Vait, vhat!?" Italy not wanting to sleep together? That was completely out of character! Even if they slept in separate beds, Italy would always end up next to Germany somehow.

"Sorry, Germany, but _____ is-a scared to sleep alone, and there's only enough room for two in my bed!" Italy gave an apologetic smile.

'Now zat I zhink about it, Italy hasn't been in my bed vhen I vake up lately… Wait, ve still have to talk about zis!'

"Damn it Italy don't distract me!"

"Ve!? What did I do!?" The Italian man nearly jumped out of his pants at the German's sudden outburst.

"Nothing! Just listen to me you dummkopf! Ve have to make our move against ze Allies soon! Me und Japan already have a plan und you need to be informed!"

"W-what!? But Romano's going to be at big brother Spain's house! Who's-a gonna watch ____!?"

"I don't know und I don't care! It's nice to see you taking responsibility for once, now try being zat responsible in var!"

"Germany! I can't just-a leave her here all alone!"



"Look, she can come vith us as long as she doesn't get in ze way."


"Look, ve don't plan on doing anyzhing too dangerous. Plus me und Japan are good fighters. Vorst case scenario, you have to grab her und run avay. She has to learn about var sooner or later. Now's a good time to start."

"Ve… That-a means I get to spend more time with ____!"


"That's-a great! Now-a I get to spend time with-a my little girl! Speaking of which I should probably-a go to sleep now. Buonanotte, Germany!" The hyper Italian ran upstairs to lay down with you.

"… I hope I didn't make a mistake…" Germany muttered to himself, "She is just a little girl… Maybe I should ask Prussia…"
I think you can take care of yourself. Maybe. PLOT IN THE NEXT PART, I SWEAR! ;A;

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconitalyveneziano:
Your Vital Regions (c) :icongilbertbeilschmidt:

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