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August 15, 2012
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"Zhat vas both stupid und dangerous! Not only could you have gotten us killed, but you could have gotten ______ killed as vell! Vhat zhe hell vere you thinking!?" After making it back to the beach, Italy got a good scolding from Germany, for obvious reasons. However, after getting you back, he seemed to go back to his happy-go-lucky self.

"I'm sorry!" Italy cried, holding you close to him, "I don't-a know what come over me! I just wanted to-a get ______ back, I won't do anything like that again, I promise!"

'Did papa really do all that to save me…?' You wondered. You knew that your father was a coward, and you understood that, that's why you were always determined to be a strong and brave country; so when you were bigger you could protect those dearest to you to repay the kindness they had shown you. In all honesty, you were just as surprised as Germany was. You were much more grateful however.

"Mr. Germany, don't be mad at daddy!" You pouted, "It was my fault for not doing what I was told."

Germany looked at you intently for a moment before sighing. There was no way anyone could resist that face.

"Fine, Italy is off zhe hook for now." He gave Italy a warning glance before turning to Japan, "So how are ve supposed to get off of zhis island?"

Italy's face lit up, "I know, why don't-a we go to Chinatown! They must get food here somehow, so they must have boats or planes or something!"

Both Japan and Germany looked at Italy like he was an idiot. "Itary, what are you talking about? We are on a deserted isrand." Japan spoke up.

"But Mr. China said there's a Chinatown everywhere." You pointed out. Now their dumbfounded looks were on you.

"Si, that's where I got these chocolate bars!" Italy pulled two bars of chocolate from seemingly nowhere.

The next thing that rang through the air was a German and Japanese man yelling "what the hell" in their native tongues.


In the end you'd all made it home alright, and as it turns out, your Uncle Romano was worried about you. He held you in his arms, on the verge of tears, while yelling at the other Axis members about how stupid it was to take you along with them. Prussia got a good scolding to, for encouraging them, while Spain just laughed at their expense. Speaking of which, Prussia got one hell of a laugh when he heard that you'd punched both America and France in the vital regions.


"Ve~ It's-a good to be home, isn't it ________?" Italy asked while tucking you into bed.

"Si, papa! I missed everyone!" You returned him a tired smile.

Italy crawled under the covers with you, and held you close. "Good night, bella."

"G'night papa… Ti amo…." You whispered before falling into a deep slumber.

"Ti amo troppo, bella…"
It's short, I know, but it's just to tie up any loose ends. ^^;
This is the end you guys! =) You guys voted, so Papa!RomanoxChild!Reader is next! See you guys then!

Hetalia (c) :iconyay-aph-plzes:
You (c) :iconyayitaliaplz:
Your Vital Regions (c) :iconyayprussiaplz2:

Here's the folder for easy navigation! ---> [link]
Omg this was the most absolutely adorable thing i have ever read in my entire life. I loved the fact that you included things from the anime like the fact that they were on the deserted island and that there was a Chinatown! There are Chinatowns everywhere O.o... Now i know where to go if im stuck on a deserted island myself ^.^~ it was such a cute story, and i read your Romano one also, and they where just both so amazing! Your writing style is wonderful, and i wish i could write as good as you. Good luck with any writing piece in the future, and im assured it will be great like all your other peices~
~ love, a happy Italy/Romano Fangirl and cosplayer, and an espired writer~
<3 your gonna go far~ (i love that song "your gonna go far kid!)
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I thought it was the cutest thing i have EVER read in my life!
I really liked the bond between the axis characters and the reader the most!Besides the funny parts like my 'vital regions'
belonging to prussia!Also i was thinking about reading your other storys!(which i dont usually do to other peoples' storys i read about!)Anyways all in all what i am trying to say is that this is one the most cutest,adorablest,awesome storys i have ever read!And i thank you for writing and publishing it

p.s i forgot to mention i kinda read the whole thing in one day!

With favs,
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