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June 28, 2012
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'Where am I?' You thought to yourself. You had awoken in a dark ally, littered with trash and a stray cat. You had no idea where you were or how you got there, and no memories prior to waking up. You sat up and looked at your small hands coated in dirt, then looked up at the rainy night sky. The moon was hiding behind the grey storm clouds, which left you with only the faint light from a street lamp at the exit of the long ally you sat in.

'I'm all alone…' was the only thought that went through your head, making tears stream down your face, only to be hidden by the raindrops pelting down on your small form. Thunder rang through the air, making you more paranoid, and without thinking you sat up and ran out of the ally, hoping to find some kind of protection from the loud, threatening sound. You covered your head with your arms to give you minor protection from the rain and ran through the empty streets.

"Help me, help me, help me…" You whimpered to yourself as the cold drops pounded on your small, running body.

You ran and ran until your little legs gave out and you fell face first into a puddle. You just lay there panting, too tired to move. More tears streamed down your face as you thought to yourself, 'What am I supposed to do now?'

Rain stopped pouring on your head and you looked up in confusion to see the cause. A man stood above your cold, trembling body, using an umbrella to shield you from the freezing water raining from the heavens.


Lightning struck again, making the sky light up a bright blue for a mere second. Italy had gotten caught in the middle of the storm while walking back to his home from Germany's, and was currently scared out of his wits from the loud noises and flashing lights coming from the sky.

"A-ah! C-calm down, Veneziano, it's just a storm! Nothing's going to hurt you…" The Italian nation assured himself.



"Ahhhh! Germany, save'a meeee!" Italy screamed and then ran off into the storm to make it home as soon as possible. He only stopped when he saw something lying in a puddle; a little girl.

'What's she'a doing there? Is'a she hurt!? Or is she…' He continued running, but this time fearing something else. He feared for your safety.


You willed yourself to look up at what made the rain stop. Your eyes adjusted to the darkness some more as you examined the man in front of you. He had brown eyes and matching brown hair, he was wearing what appeared to be some kind military uniform, and, most importantly, he held an umbrella over your head to give you relief from the freezing rain. What really grabbed your attention though was the odd curl that stuck out of the left side of his head.

"Ciao bella, what are you'a doing laying outside in the rain all alone?" Italy said, and crouched down in order to get a better look at you.

'She can't be more than'a six years old…' Italy thought to himself and brushed a (h/c) lock of hair from your face.

You cringed slightly at the contact, but quickly realized that this is what you were praying for.

"Can you help me? I'm all alone, I don't know where I am, and I don't know what's going on!" You said before releasing another wave of tears.

What happened next caught you slightly off guard; he picked you up into his arms and hugged you. You cringed slightly at first from surprise, but quickly melting into his embrace.

"Don't worry, bella… You can'a come home with'a me. How does that sound?" He beamed at you.

You wiped the tears and raindrops from your face, and gave a shy smile. "Y-yes please… It's really cold, and I don't feel good…"

"Okay, bella! Do you have a name?"

"Yes, I'm the country of _____." What you said caught you off guard. You said it without thinking and just flowed out naturally. "I-I mean… I think I am…? I'm so confused…" You entwined your small fingers in you (h/l) (h/c) hair and tried to process what was going on.

Italy's eyes widened, as he looked at you. 'This little girl must'a be a new country… No wonder she's so'a confused.'

"It's okay, ____. I'm a country too! Me and my'a fratello make up Italy!"

You looked at him with glistening eyes. "You found me first… Does that mean you're my papa?"

Italy paused for a moment, before smiling. "Si, bella… I'm'a your daddy."

You wrapped your small arms around his neck as he picked you up and carried you away to your new home. Each time a crack of thunder boomed, or a flash of lightning lit up the sky, you dug your face into your new papa's neck as he said reassuring words to you. All of his fear was forgotten for the moment as he held you close to protect you from the cold.


"Where is my idiota fratello? He should've been'a home by now." Romano grumbled to himself, "He must'a be spending the night over that'a damn potato bastard's house…"

"Romano, I'm'a home!" Italy yelled as he opened the front door. "And look who I brought with me!"

"You better not have'a brought your bastardo friends-" Romano turned around to face his brother, but stopped his scolding as soon as he saw he was carrying a little girl. "Veneziano, who the hell is she!? You can't just take random kids home you idiota!"

You cringed from the yelling, and dug your face into your papa's chest.

"Romano, don't talk like that in front of ______! She's a new country, I found her laying on the streets! I couldn't just'a leave her there!" Italy held you closer, "Don't worry, bella, he'a won't hurt you, he's just a little loud. That's my fratello, he's the southern half of Italy!" He set you down on the floor. "Say hello to your uncle Romano while I go'a find some dry clothes for you!"

Your papa walked down the halls in search of something for you to sleep in, leaving you alone with your uncle.

"You damn bastardo, even if she is a country, you can't just bring in someone from'a the street…" Romano grumbled to himself, not thinking you could hear him.

You slowly approached Romano until you were right in front of him. You kept your gaze to the ground and fidgeted slightly as you spoke. "Um… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble… I just had no where else to go, and I was really confused, and scared… I'm really sorry, Mr. Romano…" More tears threatened to spill from your eyes.

Romano's gaze softened as he crouched down to your height and placed a hand on your wet head. "It's'a okay, ragazza. I just didn't expect my idiota brother to bring someone home with him. And no need to call me 'mister'."

"Okay, Uncle Romano…"

"Don't call me that e-" he stopped his protesting when he looked into your pleading eyes, and sighed. "Si, that's right… I'm'a your uncle."

You smiled wide and glomped your uncle, almost knocking him off his balance.

"H-hey! Watch it you're getting my clothes all'a wet!"

"_____, I found'a you one of my old t-shirts you can wear for tonight! Come here, and we'll get you all cleaned up and ready for'a bed!" Italy called from down the hall.

"Okay, papa!" You called back. Releasing Romano, you began running towards your father.

Romano sat there for a minute looking in the direction you ran off to and sighed. "She doesn't'a seem like she'll cause too much trouble… Maybe having her around won't'a be so bad."


The tub of warm water felt heavenly to you, especially since you'd just gotten out of the rain. You were playing with the bubbles and splashing around, but ceased your playing so that Italy could wash the mud off of your small figure.

"There you'a go, bella! All clean! Doesn't that'a feel better?" Italy smiled at you, rinsing the last of the soap off your body. "Now let's get you dressed."

Italy slipped a t-shirt over your head, but it was too large for you and ended up going down to your knees, acting like a nightgown.

"There, that will work for now! I'll'a wash the clothes you were wearing, so you can wear them tomorrow, okay?"

You nodded and then let out a small yawn. Italy smiled down at you and scooped you into his arms.

"You must'a be tired. Come on, I'll show you your'a room."


You snuggled into the warm blankets that Italy had spread over you on your new bed. The warmth it gave relaxed you and made you forgot all the previous troubles you encountered earlier this evening. Italy tucked you into bed and kissed you on the forehead.

"Buonanotte, _____." He brushed some stray hairs out of you face and turned to leave.

Anxiety filled you again at the thought of being left alone.

"W-wait! Daddy!" Italy turned around, "Can you sleep with me?" You said shyly.

Italy just smiled and said, "Of course, bella." Then climbed under the blankets with you and held you close to his chest.

"Ti amo, ____." Italy smiled.

"What's that mean, papa?" You asked curiously.

Italy giggled, "It means 'I love you'."

You returned his smile, "I love you too, daddy," was the last thing you said before drifting to sleep.
Did I do good? =|

So, yeah, you're a new country and Italy finds you, and blah, blah, blah.

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