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October 23, 2012
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"Iceland!" You whined and run up to your sibling who was currently eating licorice.

"What is it, ____?" He asked now turning his full attention to you.

"Where's big brother...?" You asked with tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Over the past week that you'd been in the Nordic household you'd grown extremely attached to the Norwegian who'd taken you under his wing. You were hardly ever away from him and you followed him everywhere. Sweden and Finland had decided to design your room for you, so for the moment you were actually sleeping with Norway. The only time you left him side was when one of you had to go to the bathroom, take a shower (well, when he had to take a shower, he was the one that gave you baths), or when your big brother had to go shopping or to a meeting. This time was different though; you didn't know where he was.

"Skít! D-don't cry!" The Icelandic boy picked you up and rocked you slightly, doing everything he could to prevent your tears from falling. "Everyone had to go to a meeting, so it's just you and I today. Norge didn't want to wake you up, so he didn't get to tell you."

"Oh... O-okay..." You muttered. You really didn't like being separated from Norway... You could say you were a bit overly dependent on him, especially since you could hardly do anything by yourself with how young you were.

'Was I like this when I was here age...? The older nation questioned to himself. 'Well, Norge would always do things with me when I was a barn [child] so maybe that'll make her feel better...

"H-hey, um, ____... Do you want to go play or something?" Iceland asked hopefully.

You looked up at him with gleaming <e/c> eyes full of hope. You absolutely loved playing in the snow, despite the fact you almost died in it. One would think it would have scarred you for life, but being surrounded by snow all the time, there was really no other way around it.

"Yeah! Can we go play in the snow!?" You asked excitedly.

Iceland sighed in relief, glad he avoided a near-catastrophe. He had no idea how to deal with a crying child, or any child in general for that matter; that was more of Norway's department.

"Alright, let's get you dressed." He said and carried you to your room to change you out of your pajamas and put your snow gear on.


"Alright, _____, what do you want to do?" Iceland asked and observed the yard, filled with snowmen, snow forts, and various other things make of snow. You wanted to mix things up a little today, so while he wasn't looking you threw a snowball at him.

"Ah! Hey!"

You chuckled and ran away with the Icelandic man at your heels, but because of your small body it was easy for him to catch you.

"Gotcha!" He exclaimed, tripped over a pile of snow, and fell to the ground with you on his stomach. You both stared at each other for a moment before bursting out into a fit of giggles.

"C'mon, Ice! Let's go sledding!"


You both sat atop a large hill on an old sled that once belonged to Iceland as a child. As it turned out, Norway had kept all the things from his childhood, which seemed to bother the Icelandic boy slightly. What bothered you on the other hand, was the height you were currently at. Iceland took you here and said that he and Norway did the same thing when he was your age, and at first you happily complied. After trudging your way up the steep hill with your (other) big brother if when you noticed how tall it really was, when you reached the top your exhaustion was quickly replaced by fear.

"Are you alright?" Iceland asked, snapping you out of your trance and back into reality.

"It's really high, Ice..." You looked at him with your freight-filled eyes, to which he returned a comforting smile; something extremely rare.

"Don't worry, ____, I'll be right here with you the whole time. Would you feel better if I held on to you?"

You nodded shyly, and Iceland pulled you closer to him and held onto the rope on the sled. "Hold on, okay?"

Within a moment, Iceland pushed along the sled with a swift motion of his foot and the two of you were flying down the mountainous hill at a breakneck speed. Butterflies fluttered around in your stomach and adrenaline flowed through your veins as the icy wind and snowflakes blew past your face. The thrill overwhelmed you at first, but within seconds, you found a smile stapled to your face and, screams and giggles of excitement echoed through the air around you. However, it wasn't only your laughter that rang through the air; behind you, Iceland was having the excitement he hadn't felt in years. The combination of both of your laughter created a melodious sound in the air; the sound of children laughing.

Both of your laughter stopped abruptly when the sled slid over a pile of snow, sending it airborne. Within a split second, you were both sent flying off the sled, and on instinct Iceland grabbed onto you and spun around mid-air so that he would take the impact. With a thump and a grunt, you were both on the ground.

"Urg... __-_____, are you alright...?"  Iceland winced.

You sat there on his stomach for a moment, shocked at what had just happened, and processing everything. Suddenly, a grin broke across your face.

"Again! Again!" You cheered.

Iceland only sighed in response, both from relief and frustration.


"Yo, Icy! Shorty! We're home!" Denmark yelled as he slammed the front door open, only to be smacked on the head by Norway. "Ow! Hey, no need for violence..."

"Then stop being so annoying." Norway responded in his usual monotone voice and walked past Denmark to go and find you and his little brother.

"Ja." Sweden agreed and followed Norway's example. Poor Finland just stood there laughing awkwardly, not wanting to get involved.

As Norway was about to walk past the living room, he stopped when he saw the sight on the couch. There were his two siblings, sleeping peacefully with Mr. Puffin and Hanatamago also spread about the sofa. He smiled slightly, -something he usually only did around you- walked over to the couch where your unconscious forms lay, and placed a blanket on top of your peaceful, motionless bodies.

"This brings back memories of when Iceland was young..." Norway reminisced.

"Mmph..." Iceland stirred, gaining Norway's attention.

"N-Norge!?" Iceland sputtered.

"Good evening, bror."

"Don't just watch us sleep and then pretend nothing happened!" Iceland whispered furiously, but still keeping quiet as to not wake you up.

"I wasn't watching you sleep, I was putting a blanket on you."

"Whatever..." The Icelandic boy sighed. "Can you take _____ so I can get up?"

Norway nodded and cradled your sleeping body in his arms while Iceland attempted to sit up, only to groan in pain.

"Are you okay?" Norway took his eyes off you and turned his attention to Iceland.

"Yeah, I just busted my arse when we went sledding today..."



"Hm. Okay." Your elder brother decided it was best not to pry as to not upset Iceland. "God natt."


"Big... Brother...?" You began to stir when Norway shut the door to his room.

"Hallo, lille venn..." He murmured quietly to you and set you on the bed. "Did you have fun with Iceland today?"

"Yeah! We played and the snow, and went sledding, and other fun stuff!" You smiled slightly, trying to fight off sleep. "But I missed you, big brother..."

"I missed you too..." He kissed you on the forehead and smiled gently at you. "It's late, just go back to sleep, okay?"

"Are you gonna sleep with me...?"

"Ja, just give me a minute."

You nodded and snuggled up under the covers falling asleep almost instantly. Norway tucked you in and quietly opened the door to find Denmark listening in on the conversation, just as he expected.

"Oh! H-hey, Norge! You come here often?" The Danish man sputtered out, trying to save himself from more abuse from the Norwegian.

"It's my room, idiot."

"Oh, is it? I didn't know that!"

"What do you want?"

"Well, it looked like Icy and Shorty had fun today, so I was wondering if-"

"No." Norway stated flatly.

"You didn't even let me-"

"I'm not leaving ____ alone with you."

"Why not?" Denmark whined. "You let Iceland take care of her! Plus, chicks dig a man with a cute kid like her!"

Norway slammed the door in Denmark's face.

"O-okay! Maybe that wasn't the best thing to say!"

"No shit..." Norway mumbled to himself and climbed into bed with you.

"Good night, ______... Jeg elsker deg."
Yaaaay! Iceland fluffy time! :iconyaymrpuffinplz::iconyayicelandplz:
I'm sorry, Denmark is just to easy to make fun of! XD But the plan is to make something like this with all the Nordics, but that might change. :p
I'm sorry this took way longer than it needed to! I'm usually never this late! But thank you for being patient, you guys! You know I love you!

1,535 words/4 pages

You (c) :iconnorwayflagplz: and :iconicelandflagplz:
Your Vital Regions (c) :iconprussianflagplz:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Here's the folder for easy navigation~ :iconmagictomatospainplz: ----> [link]
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