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October 6, 2012
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You awoke the next morning in comforting bliss, as the memories from the day previous came rushing back to you. Sure enough, laying right next to you was your newly found big brother. His heartbeat was slow and his breathing was steady giving the impression he was asleep, which was no surprise as the sun hadn't even risen over the horizon yet. Still, despite the early hours of the morning, you felt restless and unable to sleep. While rolling around the covers trying to get comfortable, you had accidentally awoken the Norwegian sleeping next to you.

"____, are you okay?" He asked softly. You looked up into his soft eyes, <e/c> meeting midnight blue.

"Sorry, I woke up and couldn't sleep..." You looked away from his gaze guiltily.

"Don't worry about it," he gave a small smile and moved some <h/c> locks from your face, "I was going to wake up soon anyways."


"Hey, there's no need to be shy, lille venn."

You met his gaze again and nodded, "Okay, big brother."

"'Big brother...?'" There it was; those two words he'd been desperate to get Iceland to say again.

"W-what is it?" You asked concerned. "I won't call you that if you don't want me to..."

"No..." Norway had a more than a small smile on his face now; he was beaming. "I'd love it if you called me 'big brother.' I'll take care of you I promise."

"Thank you big brother!" You smiled and giggled cutely, and Norway sat you down at the kitchen table. You watched curiously as your brother reached into the fridge, pulled out a white carton, poured it into a sippy cup, and gave it to you.

"What's this?" You asked.

"Milk. I thought you might be thirsty."

You looked at the cup for a moment before putting it to your mouth and taking a sip. "It's good!"

Norway chuckled and patted your head, "That's good. Are you hungry, too?"

You nodded, and as if on cue, your stomach let out a roar.

"Alright, I'll start making breakfast. You can go watch TV while you wait."

"Okay!" You jumped off the chair and skipped off to the living room.

Norway smiled once again as he watched you flaunt off. How he'd missed being Iceland's "big brother," and now he had the chance to be someone else's.


You sat on the couch, flipping through the channels to keep you occupied until you settled on watching <TV show>. After an episode you heard Norway call you for breakfast. You happily made your way back to the kitchen, eager to fill your empty belly. You sat back down in a chair, but unfortunately your head barely reached above the table, making it impossible for you to see what the contents of your breakfast were, let alone eat it. Norway smirked when he noticed this and walked away for a moment before coming back with a few phonebooks for you to sit on.

"Thank you, big brother."

"You're welcome lille venn." He said and took a sip from a steaming mug.

"Big brother, what are you drinking?"


"Can I have some?"

"You won't like it."

"C'mon, I wanna try!"

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you." He held the mug to your mouth for you to take a sip, to which you eagerly did so, much to your regret. It was bitter. Very bitter. You scrunched up your face in distaste and took another sip of your milk to wash down the horrid aftertaste it left. Norway just laughed at your antics and began to eat his breakfast.

"I warned you." He said as he took a bite of something off his fork.

You sat down on the phonebooks Norway out down for you and got a better look at your breakfast. A round, yellow item sat on your plate as you picked at it curiously. "What is it?"

"It's a baked omelette. I wasn't sure what you liked so I just put cheese on it." He told you, taking another bite of his. You nodded and stared another moment before taking a bite. Unlike the coffee, this was delicious and savory!

"It's good!" You giggled and started shoveling your omelette into your mouth.

"I'm glad. Now slow down, or you'll choke."


Breakfast was silent from there on until an obnoxious voice bellowed from the door to the kitchen.

"Yo, Norge! Did you make breakfast for me too?" You turned around in your seat to see the spiky-haired blonde from yesterday. Denmark was it?

"Make your own." Norway said flatly, not bothering to give him a second glance.

"Aw, you're so mean, Norge!" He whined and took a pastry out of the fridge.

"Just shut up and eat your breakfast."

"God morgon." Another person entered the room. This one was blonde as well, except he was much taller than anyone you'd met so far, wore glasses, and had an intimidating glare that was looking directly at you.

Your brother replied with a curt nod before returning to his breakfast.

"Godmorgen, Sve! Didja see the cute, little jente?" Denmark picked you up roughly and hugged you while you attempted to squirm out of his grasp.

"Ja, Finland told me about her." He said, still not taking his eyes off you. All the while, Norway had snuck up behind Denmark and grabbed you out of his clutches before whacking him on the head and making him fall to the ground.

"Thank you, big brother." You muttered and examined the Danish man holding his head in pain on the floor.

"Big brother?" He asked, suddenly making a miraculous recovery. "Now you're forcing her to call you that too?"

"No, you idiot. She wanted to call me that, now I'm going to take care of her." He put you back in your seat and you continued to eat your breakfast.

"How come you get to keep her?" The Dane whined.

"She's not a toy, moron!" Norway snapped.

"I agree with Norway." Now all eyes were on Sweden, "He's taken care of Iceland, so if he takes care of _____, it would be for the best. Besides, she seems to have taken a liking to him."

"Yeah!" You agreed.


You were currently playing in the snow with Norway now that the blizzard had past. He'd given you more suitable clothing for the cold weather, and even though they seemed rather old, they fit you perfectly!  Right now he was helping you compact the cold substance into a pile so you could build a fort. Now that you were properly equipped with the right materials, you found it was infinitely easier with him helping you considering he was much taller than you and could carry more snow at one time.

"Thank you for helping me, big brother!" You gave Norway hug to which he gladly returned.

"You're welcome, _____. I'm glad you're having fun, it's been a while since I've gotten to do something like this."

"What do you mean?"

"There's one more person your haven't met yet; my little brother Iceland. I used to do these things all the time when he was little."

"Does that mean he's my little brother too?" You pouted, not wanting to be overshadowed.

"No, that would mean he's you other big brother if you want him to be." Norway chuckled and piled more snow onto your snow fort.

"But I just want you to be my big brother..."


After finishing your snow fort, Norway took you inside and sat you in front of the fire to warm up your small body. You enjoyed the sheer heat it provided from the harsh elements and tried to soak as much up as you could, but turned around when you heard footsteps. In front of you was a white-haired man with violet eyes, and some sort of bird on his shoulder. You both stared at each other for a moment, examining every detail about each other until Norway came in with two mugs.

"Oh, Iceland, you're home."

"Yeah, I've been home the entire time. Who's the little girl?"

"That's my little sister." Norway said and put his hand on Iceland's shoulder.

"When did that happen!? And don't touch me..." He murmured the last part and brushed his brother's hand of his shoulder.

"Big brother, who's that?" You asked innocently.

"This is my little brother, Iceland."

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Come on, ______ calls me that."

"She's little!"

"You know you want to."

"I'm not listening!"

"Shut up and say my name."


You just watched as the two of them went back and forth like that for a while. You didn't understand why Iceland just didn't give in, I mean Norway is his older brother, right? Still, you were smiling to yourself at the silly scene. What a weird family you have.
C'mon Icey! Say it! <w<
Haha, anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter even though nothing really went on. If things go as planned then things will be a bit more interesting and fluffy in the next chapter.

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Elise-Andrews Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
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"You know you want to."

"I'm not listening!"

"Shut up and say my name."

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This is cute <3 I can't help but laugh when Norway pesters Iceland  about calling him big brother because when I was little I couldn't say my brother's name so I called him big brother ...and he also insist that I still call him thatSweating a little... 
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I hate when that happens...You have no feet 
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