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October 2, 2012
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You couldn't stop giggling to yourself, you were having so much fun playing in the snow! Currently, you were attempting to make a snowman by rolling around a snowball in the frozen landscape. It was still rather small, and only went up to your knees, but you were determined to make it huge! Or at least as big as you were... You let out a petite sneeze and realized how you longed for warmth. You were a new nation off of the coast of Northern Europe, so naturally it was rather cold where you were. You had just woken up, and poof, there you were! You weren't sure where to go, or what do to, so you immediately started to play in the cold, white, powdery substance you were surrounded by. It was fun at first, but after a few hours in the frozen tundra you began to get uncomfortable. Your clothes were the only thing protecting you from the harsh elements, but the snow had soaked them in freezing water,  leaving you with hardly anything to keep you warm.

You sneezed once more, a bit louder this time, and continued to make your snowman.


Norway trekked his way through the snow that was now piling up along the landscape. He just wanted to get out of the house for a bit to get away from all the stress (and Denmark.) He felt a twinge of sadness spark in his chest as he walked through the frozen meadow he used to bring Iceland to play in when he was a small child. How he missed those days... Back when Iceland had given him the title "big brother" and he loved him unconditionally. Alas, those days had passed, Iceland had grown up and was able to take care of himself.

Norway's reminiscing was cut short when he thought he heard something faintly through the howling of the wind. He passed it off as his imagination and continued walking. Looking up at the sky, it was obvious the snow was getting worse, and a blizzard would be coming soon.

'I guess it's time to go home...' He decided, and spun around towards the direction he came.


Norway stopped. He was positive he'd heard something this time; specifically a sneeze. Unconsciously, the Norwegian began rushing towards where he'd heard the small noise.

'Who'd be outside this far from a town in this weather!?' His question was answered when he came across a little girl, playing in the snow in the middle of a clearing. The poor child was shaking uncontrollably, yet she still continued to push a ball of snow along the ground. Seconds later, the small girl had reached her limit and fell in the snow, face first.

Norway's eyes widened at the sight, and he ran towards the motionless body. The child was freezing, and more than likely had hypothermia. Without a second thought, Norway took off his scarf and wrapped it around her frozen body; luckily she still had a pulse.

"Hang on lille venn [little one]" He whispered in your ear and began to run home to the Nordic house.


Norway slammed open the door to be greeted face to face by a cocky Denmark.

"Well, well, well, look who's ba-"

"Shut it, Dane." He cut him off and pushed the Danish man out if the way.

"No need to be so cold... Hey, watcha got there?" Denmark asked, now taking note of the bundled up scarf Norway was carrying.

"I found a kid out in the cold. I think she caught hypothermia. Now make yourself useful and get me some blankets, one of your t-shirts, a cloth, and warm water."

He nodded and went to retrieve the items requested by Norway, who was currently stripping the child of her wet clothes.  Yes, it was extremely awkward for him, but this was a matter of life of death. You were still unconscious and shivering, and it didn't seem like you would wake up soon.

"I got the stuff you wanted!" Denmark shouted as he ran into the room with his arms full.

Norway took the items, muttered a "thanks", and got straight to work. He slipped the oversized t-shirt over your head, wrapped you in the layers of blankets, and carefully laid you on the couch.

"H-hey! What's going on?" Finland peeked his head in the room to see what the commotion was. Norway gave a quick glance before going back to wiping your face with a warm cloth.

Denmark sighed and answered for him, "Norge found a kid passed out in the snow, so he brought her here."

"What!?" The Finnish man scurried over to the bundle of blankets to see the innocent face of a sleeping child, "How did this happen!?"

"I found her playing in the snow all alone, in the middle of nowhere. She just collapsed, so I brought her here before she froze to death." Norway answered in his usual monotone voice, still trying to warm up your petite figure.

"Well, is she going to be okay!?"

To everyone's surprise, the small bundle of blankets shifted slightly, and moments later a pair of shining <e/c> eyes were revealed to the three Nordics.


Your eyes darted around the room until they locked with stunning dark blue ones. You both stared at each other for minute or two before he spoke up.

"How are you feeling?" The stranger asked you. You took a moment to get a good look at the rest of him; he had light blonde hair with a mysterious floating curl, pale skin, and had a cross-shaped hair pin. His expression was cold, but you could still see concern in his eyes. You couldn't tell why, but you felt comfortable around him.

"I'm cold..." You muttered and buried yourself deeper in the mountain of blankets.

Another man popped into your view; this one was shorter, had sparkling brown eyes, blonde hair, and a genuine smile.

"Hello there!" He said in a gentle voice, "My name's Finland, and these are my friends Norway and Denmark."

You shrunk back even more as your shyness took over you. Yes, Finland looked nice, but you were still weary around strangers.

"Hey cutie, there's no need to be afraid!" Denmark said rather loudly. Startled, you grasped the blanket in your tiny hands and pulled it over your head.

"Idiot, you scared her!"

"Chill out, Norge! It was an acci-" The Dane was cut off by the Norwegian choking him. You shyly peeked out of your cloth shield to see the scene before you; Norway was pulling on Denmark's tie while he was making gagging sounds, and his face looked pained. You started giggling uncontrollably, catching the attention of the three nations around you. Norway smirked slightly, not going unnoticed by Denmark.

"Holy crap, Norge smiled!" Norway pulled on his tie again, and you burst into hysterical laughter.

"So, what's your name?"

"_______!" You answered with a smile.

"Well, _______... Where are your parents?"

"Parents?" You thought for a minute, "I don't have any... At least I don't think so..."

"You don't think so?" Finland asked.

You nodded in response, "Yeah, I was just born the other day!"

The three of them stared at you confused until you found that more of an explanation was needed. Standing up on the couch, you put your hands on your hips and proudly exclaimed, "I'm the great country of _______!"

Denmark chuckled slightly and ruffled your hair, making you pout, "How cute, she's a new little country!"

"Oh, how nice!" Finland cooed, "I didn't know there was a new country forming!"

You smiled, and broke out into a coughing fit slightly after. Norway picked you up and rubbed your back until the coughing subsided and you could breathe properly.

"I found you out in the snow and I'm pretty sure you got sick. Since you don't have anywhere to go, how about you stay here?" He asked and stroked your <h/c> locks.

"Okay..." You felt your eyelids begin to grow heavy as you struggled to keep them open.

Norway giggled slightly and an almost unnoticeable smirk played across his lips, "Are you tired?'


"Let's get you to bed then. You can sleep with me for tonight."

You only yawned and nodded in response, too tired to argue. Plus, you felt as though you could trust Norway; he was gentle with you and treated you exactly as delicate as you were. You'd only known him for a short time, yet you could feel love emanating of off him. He felt like your big brother.

'Big brother...' Yes, you liked the sound of that.

Norway laid you on the queen-sized bed and put the covers over you to keep you warm. You were almost asleep at this point, and once Norway lay next to you and held you close, it was enough to make you fall into unconsciousness while listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.
:iconyayprussiaplz: IT BEGINS! This took longer than it should have, but I've been busy. ... And lazy. ;3;
Anyways! Here's the start of the next series that you guys voted on! Enjoy!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconnorgeplz:
Your Vital Regions (c) :iconprussiaplz:

1,519 words/3.5 pages

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